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Making Instagram and Twitter Liking Easy

The Simple Instagram Liker

Instagram auto liker bot that likes other users posts based on the tags and searches you set. Giving you the best results out of any other autoliker on the market! 



Gaining exposure through social media can be a hard game to play.
Turn Robolike on and you get to enjoy more activity in your feed.  It's a no brainer.



Set tags that are relevant to your profile or target audience you want following you.

2. SET YOUR Time

Most of our users have no issues running it for 24 hours a day! 

3. Watch it grow

Robolike gains you REAL followers.  You notice a difference in hours!



Our software likes photos on the behalf of your account. You pick the hashtags to follow and we get to work.  It's not spammy to receive a like, that's why we've only ever done likes. When people receive your likes, they are inclined to check your profile and like and follow you back. For Instagram, Robolike likes about 60-80 photos per hour.



7.77 /mo

3 day free trial

60 or so likes per hour

Pick Your Target Hashtags

Set Your Run Time

Sit Back and Watch the Magic



Why are we the best?

Tried and True:
The Best way to Get instagram likes


Users have claimed our autoliker to be the best on the market
due to its simplistic BUT highly effective hashtag targeting.

 Other autolikers have too many bells and whistles, that although may "look cool", it actually takes away from the maximum exposure that your account can get.  Autoliking has proven to be a highly effective approach over any autocomment or autofollow.  Why?  Comments look spammy "awesome" "very cool!".  Autofollows make a mess out of your feed and are easy to detect when you unfollow them.   Likes are forever.  Everyone LOVES a like on their photo.  Try it out.  You will see!  You'll start seeing results FAST!

Promote your account with

Tired of resorting to various follower-attracting tricks? Want to dedicate your personal time to something more important than promoting your Instagram or Twitter account?

You are right!

Why waste your life and potential on social networks activity? Why not employ services of a high quality Instagram auto bot liker? Or get a Twitter bot to do the magic?

Do not hesitate: is eager to give you a hand. 

What is is a modern solution to the follower issue of any Instagram, Twitter or other social media user. This multifunctional software takes care of your social media activity, while you take care of your everyday life. is an auto-liker bot that brings real, organic followers and likes to your Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The main benefits of

·         Targets your set hashtags;

·         Filters your content;

·         Brings you 80 likes within an hour!

·         Helps you manage multiple accounts;

Fret not: by leaving your account in the care of, you do not surrender the control. Due to our transparent policy, you have full access to the liker bot’s activity and you manage the bot’s behavior, by setting hashtags, content filters for Instagram auto bot and Twitter bot, as well as making other adjustments.

Get likes, not hate

There is nothing strange about having a Twitter post bot or an Instagram bot working for you. Many Instabot users admitted that it saves time, nerves and effort. Basically, the liker bot copies your activity in social media: views images for the chosen hashtag and content, likes them and attracts other users. You can view the liked content anytime. No need to spend hours in front of PC in order to gain 1-2 new followers or squeeze out 3 likes. will get you 80 likes in an hour!

Instagram bot is your trusty Instagram online bot that brings you Instagram followers in no time. Thanks to the content filter and hashtag targeting, you can rest assured, that with this Instagram auto bot liker you will receive real Instagram followers that will genuinely like your account and your content.

Twitter follower bot

With our Twitter bot will generate new Twitter followers. From now on, you will see only the friendly faces in your follower list and forget about dealing with raising your Twitter account popularity. Your Twitter auto bot will do this for you.