Thank you for your interest in using RoboLike Instagram. We are excited you have chose us to help you promote your social media account. 

  • We do our best to filter out negative content ( as we have content filters automatically in place for you ), but occasionally your account may like something you disagree with. Simply unlike the photo, and be sure to double check that hashtag as it might be too heavily populated with "bad" content.  If so, change the hashtag.
  • Robolike requires your current Instagram password for the system to work.
  • Robolike cannot guarantee uninterrupted service.  but we sure do our best to make sure it is flawless!
  • Robolike is provided as is, use at your own risk, but we take great precautions to make sure your account is safe!
  • When paying for Robolike, you agreed to automatic monthly payments.  If you cancel those payments, your account will stop immediately.
  • While Robolike is running, you agree you will not do too much or any liking on your account.  We don't want your account to go over the daily allowed limits of Instagram or Twitter.
  • If you wish to cancel a trial, just set the time to 00:00 - 00:00.  Allow 15 mins for that to save.
  • If you wish to cancel a paid account, you must do so through PayPal or by clicking cancel on the Robolike dashboard.