Refund Policy

We believe in providing the upmost quality in our service. Unfortunately, some things just don’t work out, and we get that! If you are not 100% satisfied with your service, we can provide a refund on your last payment upon request. Additionally, if you decide to cancel your account shortly after your last payment, we will refund that last payment accordingly upon request.

We WILL NOT issue refunds more than One Month prior to the original contact date about an issue that falls under means of a refund.*

*The following are an exception to the previous statement, only at the discretion of our support agents:

  1. A duplicate subscription or alias account (causing multiple payments for the same account).

  2. A failure of cancellation by a support agent.

  3. A system error in which an account does not successfully cancel even after receiving a cancellation confirmation email (usernames must correlate).

We WILL NOT issue refunds further than one month prior for the following:

  1. An account that was “intended” to be cancelled at a given date, but still remained active without any prior contact regarding the request for cancellation.

  2. A dissatisfaction of service for an account that had been cancelled more than one month prior to the contact date.

All policies and statements regarding refunds and cancellations may change at the discretion of our staff.