Your information is yours. We keep it that way.

We also know you love your account, and couldn't live with out it, right? We also keep it secure.

You're safe here at Robolike. We would like to inform all RoboLike customers, all trial members, and all potential customers that our number one priority here is to keep your information yours. This includes your Instagram login details, email, and of course, payment information. We will NEVER share your contact info and personal Instagram details such as your password are not visible to anyone. Our system uses a special secure enclave to pass on your login data directly to Instagram in order to perform auto-likes on your behalf.

When it comes to the services we provide, we ONLY offer and will ONLY perform auto-liking via hashtag targeting. We believe that auto-commenting, auto-following, along with inauthentic likes and followers placed on your account is NOT an effective method to gain social media presence. Not only is it risky, it is also spammy and can get your account banned by other users reporting you. Our method of growth for your account, auto-liking via hashtag targeting, is virtually undetectable.

As always, we appreciate your constant feedback to help us provide the best services. We strive to not only be the best auto-liker out there, but also the safest.

Now let's get to liking!

-The Robolike Team