Introduction to RoboLike - Instagram

RoboLike's Instagram bot is one of the longest running bots on the market. We pride ourselves in customer service. It's a crazy industry, so we're here to help make it less crazy. Our goal is to get you more likes and followers with less pain and struggle. 

It's important to remain active on all of your accounts you use with us. Don't just rely on a system to do all the work for you. Still stay focuses, replying to comments, liking back.. etc. 

Liking Other User's Posts

RoboLike takes hashtags that you put in the dashboard and takes that feed, and likes a post from it. A little later it will take the next hashtag from your list and like a post from there. It will do that 24/7 or less if you would like to reduce your run times, it's quite simple to do in the dashboard. 

Why It Works

When users get your likes, it normally comes out of no where, and especially since our system grabs the newest image, your like will quite often be the first like on the image. That user sees [insert your username here] liked their photo. Now they can ignore it which will happen, but the percentage that choose to go onto you profile will often like your photos and/or follow you. 

How to Make It Work Better

Since users are receiving your likes and heading over to your profile, it's important you reach out to people that like content similar to your feed. Even your username has a huge effect. When they see your username pop up in their alerts, they will see you're a DJ or event planner, motorcycle shop or whatever you are, they will be inclined to click into your profile. 

Now that we've had a chance to introduce you to RoboLike's Instagram bot, head over to our dashboard at where you will see a login page. Just enter in your username and password for Instagram and an account will be created in RoboLike and likes will come through as soon as you click activate.