You are entirely responsible for canceling your account. If there are multiple accounts, you are also responsible for ensuring all desired accounts are cancelled.  We do not except cancellations via email unless you have exhausted the below instructions in attempt to cancel. For information regarding refunds, please see our Refund Policy.

To cancel your account, please do the following.

If you paid via PAYPAL, you must cancel through them.

  1. Login to your PayPal account.

  2. Go to Profile > More Options.

  3. Go to My Money.

  4. Find My Pre-approved Payments and click on Update.

  5. Find the Robolike recurring payment.

  6. Click Details and cancel the recurring payment.

If you paid via CREDIT CARD, you must login to your Robolike Dashboard.

  1. Login to your Robolike account.

  2. Click the red CANCEL button.

  3. All done.

RoboLike is an automatic renewal until cancelled. Users are responsible for making sure their account passwords, times and other settings are all correct.  

If you cancel your account, we are only responsible for keeping any content or info in our system for one month after the cancellation date.  After the one month, we can delete the content.

We ask that you do not dispute charges with your bank or credit card, as we are very happy to speak with you about any issues via email.  We have the best support team around and are happy to help!