Instagram Promotion - How Powerful It Is and How It Can Help You

Instagram is such a powerful tool to get your brand out there. It's advantages are in its simplicity. With Facebook, on one hand, users will not always see all of the content in their feed. Facebook tries to guess what users are engaged in and only show those items. Instagram on the other hand shows EVERYTHING in users' feeds that they are subscribed to.

According to Forbes after Instagram was purchased by Facebook:

Not only did Instagram's user growth not slow down, it has seen user numbers accelerate, at least in absolute numbers. Today, the Facebook unit announced it has hit 150 million monthly active users. That's 50 million more than just seven months ago.

Some Instagram users frequently tend to follow lots of other users so they have a lot of activity to stimulate that need they have to be entertained and since they are on it all day. They will "like" if what they see is good.

Other users may visit the app less, but have a more focused need. They follow friends or other accounts that grab their interest. For me I follow friends and a few feeds about cars and trucks. The user that only visits once or twice a day will STILL GET TO SEE ALMOST EVERY POST.

Often enough active users will see almost all of your posts. So, make your content engaging and make sure not to deviate very often from what your followers expect from you. As a business don't just post pictures of your products, that would get boring. Post memes or interesting facts or cool travel photos to keep your users engaged.

Your own feed is important because those are the people that you follow. Many times those are people you know and are close to. Some times they are more generic accounts with thousands of followers that will probably never notice you liked one of their pictures. But consider the people that get reasonable number of likes on their photos. Those that only get 1-40 likes on their pictures regularly will often see that your name popped up as someone who "liked" (I put it in quotes because I mean the literal definition. It was a good photo and you truly like it) their photo. Consciously or subconsciously you are building a relationship with that person and they will often reciprocate when they see your picture they will be more inclined to like back.

Secondly, head on over to the explore page and search for hashtags that relate to your niche. I created a motorcycle IG account called @EnduroDaily which by the time I sold it had around 3,000 followers. It was in the time span of about 3 months that I had the account and when I realized it wasn't really doing much for me anymore I decided to give it away to someone who would continue to promote it as there still are today.

Anyway, the only way I got my first followers was by liking a bunch of pictures. Starting at 0 followers and liked pictures under the hashtag #enduro. It took about 2-3 weeks before I even had 10 followers. I kept at it and kept liking photos until it was so hard to like photos on my phone I created this tool to continue to like all the photos in that hashtag. Before I knew it we had over 1000 followers and a couple months later 3000.

That was all because I reached out and liked pictures in my feed and pictures related to my post by exploring related hashtags. Try it today. I don't have exact numbers but I would say out of the number of photos you like about %10 will check out your feed and like back and %2-5 will actually follow back. Those numbers seem small, but if you have a little patience those numbers will add up.

By using the strategies outlined above I've shown you how to increase the odds of getting users to like and follow you back. Find times that people are most likely to see your posts by experimenting and most importantly have fun and engage in the Instagram community.

Jacob Berg