4 Month Update - Some new updates on RoboLike.com

We are so happy to announce we've continually been in tweak mode over the past month. There have been some feature requests that we are launching today! We have now simplified the process of adding and managing scheduled likes. It's all done on one page which we now call the dashboard. The dashboard now contains all the pertinent information you will need at a glance. You can now add and set scheduled likes on the same page making life that much easier.

Yet, if you still need further information you can find like reports in full detail under the tools bar. Since our service has grown in popularity we only store likes for three days. Any likes older than three days are removed nightly. We figured that 3 days would be a good enough amount of time to see what Instagram posts RoboLike has been liking on your behalf.

We just started tracking how many followers you gain while using RoboLike. We feel this will be a fun way to track how well everything is working for you using our service. We plan to build a tracking tool with a calendar and all but for now we are showing you the past 7 days of results. This will take effect immediately. We will check for follower counts once per day.

The guts of RoboLike have also made dramatic strides towards providing consistent service. As you know we are at the mercy of Instagram's API (how we access their network of servers). Some accounts over the past few months were hit with 400 errors that took a long time to clear out. We now set an hour delay if a single 400 error comes so we don't keep trying to like a picture if it isn't working. This will ease our strain on the Instagram service and has reduced the number of people getting hit with the error dramatically. Thank you for everyone's patience that has been hit with this issue. It's unfortunate, however not entirely in our control, but we're doing our best.

We look forward to ongoing service. Let us know your thoughts whether on the forum, in the comments below, or send us a direct email using our contact form and we'll be with you shortly.

Thanks again!

Jacob Berg